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Power Information Technology Company Ensure uninterrupted and quality power supply for all by 2015 through Improvement in generation, transmission and Distribution systems by the use of Information Technology.
Objectives Provide a fair, competitive and challenging environment to all IT solution providers so that PEPCO and all Distribution companies (DISCO’s) to benefit from the best offerings available in the marketplace.
Vision To harness  the  potential  of  Information  Technology   as  a  key  contributor in the development of Power Sector of Pakistan.


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You can take and print your electricity bill by providing your valid reference number. All branches of all commercial banks have been authorized to collect electricity bills.

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SMS Billing
SMS Billing
You can access your bill through SMS now.  All the mobile operators are active. 

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Please help us in effort to stop power theft by reporting at its toll free number 0800-84338 or report online by providing the theft event description

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Power Information Technology Company


Power Information Technology Company (PITC) is located in Lahore, Pakistan and is involved in all software development activities, i.e. Design, development, Testing, Documentation, Implementation, and Operation.  Presently, it provides software support to nine power distribution companies of Pakistan (DISCOs) for processing of Electricity bills. Beside that, it also provides technical consultancy, and other ICT facilities to subsidiaries of PEPCO and WAPDA along with conducting of trainings and promotion examination for staff. Company has some latest hardware facilities installed at its head office. Company has highly qualified, skilled, and experienced human resource competent enough to work not only on new development platforms but also on legacy platform. 

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Distribution Companies

Distribution Companies
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Hyderabad Electric Supply Company

Area Electricity Board (AEB) Hyderabad was one of the eight AEB's constituted through amendments in WAPDA Act during 1981. Later on Government of Pakistan approved revamping of WAPDA power sector in April 1998, resultantly twelve corporate entities were formed, Eight Distribution Companies (DISCOs), one National Transmission and Distribution Company (NTDC) and three Generation Companies (GENCOs). Now one more GENCO has been established. All these companies have been incorporated under Companies Ordinance 1984.

The company formed to take over/acquire all the properties, assets and liabilities of Hyderabad Area Electricity Board owned by Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA). The company was incorporated on 23rd April 1998 and certificate for commencement of business was obtained on 1st July 1998 from NEPRA under section 146(2) of Companies Ordinance 1984.



To distribute electricity for the progress and prosperity of the people in HESCO area.

To excel customer expectations with reliable and stable services by ensuring high order in maintenance of all its technical facilities.

To provide safe and secure working environment for its employees.

To develop growth opportunities for employees, and stakeholders.

To ensure customer satisfaction with high standards of customer's services in friendly environment.

To be ethical in compliance of all applicable laws and corporate practices in letter and spirit.



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Lahore Electric Supply Company

The electricity supply service in Pakistan, initially, was undertaken by different agencies, both in public and private sectors, in different areas. In order to provide for the unified and coordinated development of the water and power resources, Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) was created in 1958 through WAPDA Act, 1958.


The local areas electricity distribution service was being performed by various Regions of WAPDA. Then the Area Electricity Board (AEB) Lahore, on the eight AEBs in Pakistan, was established under the scheme of Area Electricity Boards in 1982, in order to provide more autonomy and representation to provincial government, elected representatives, industrialists, agriculturalists and other interest groups in functions of the AEBs.

The environment and structure of the power industry throughout the world are undergoing dramatic change. The power sector is moving from monopoly to privatization and from integration to disintegration. To keep pace with this change, the Government of Pakistan approved a Strategic Plan in 1994 as a consequence of which the power wing of WAPDA has been unbundled into 12 Companies for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity.

Lahore Area Electricity Board was reorganized into one such corporatized entity under the name of Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) with effect from 22-03-1998, with the aim of commercialization and eventually privatization.


LESCO's area of responsibility covers Civil Districts of Lahore, Kasur, Okara and Sheikhupura.


LESCO comprises of the following seven distribution Operation Circles, one Construction and one GSO Circle, as detailed below

Operation Circles

1. North Lahore Circle 5 Divisions / 24 Sub Divisions

2. Central Lahore Circle 5 Divisions / 26 Sub Divisions

3. Eastern Lahore Circle 4 Divisions / 20 Sub Divisions

4. Okara Circle 4 Divisions / 20 Sub Divisions

5. South-Eastern LHR Circle 4 Divisions /21 Sub Divisions

6. Sheikhupura Circle 5 Divisions / 29 Sub Divisions

7.  Kasur Circle 5 Divisions / 21 Sub Divisions

8. Project Construction Circle 4 Divisions

9.  G.S.O. Circle 3 Divisions



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