• To deal in the business of software support for power management (distribution, transmission and generation) international businesses, internet service providers, remote services and / or Information Technology enabled services including billing, Human Resource management, Financial management, engineering applications, software development and support services.
  • To develop and maintain expertise in not just technology but also an understanding of electricity Generation, Transmission and Distribution processes so that the solutions delivered are effective and responsive to the business needs. Provide professional inputs on strategic decisions without bias.
  • Provide a fair, competitive and challenging environment to all IT users so that PEPCO and all Distribution companies (DISCO’s) to benefit from the best offerings available in the marketplace.
  • To recommend ways and means to improve systems, with a view to simplify documentation and procedures, remove anomalies for the introduction of comprehensive computerization and developing databases.
  • To carry-out and accomplish the job of inter-linking various organizations, departments and agencies through automation.



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