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hardwaresupPITC is providing infrastructure and hardware support in-terms of Technical Evaluation, toassess & make recommendations on enhancements required to Infrastructure / hardware including human capacity skills and resources. The following are key activities:

  • Evaluate that infrastructure, business applications and databases perform to their optimum capability and meet or exceed the need and priorities.

  • Evaluate that full range of defined tasks associated with operating and controlling installed hardware, software and machine-room environment, managing server platforms and business applications.

  • Evaluate the acquisition, installation, and maintenance plan of ICT Infrastructure to ensure efficient and effective support of organization information system processing and business requirements.

  • Evaluate ICT practices to ensure efficient and effective utilization of technical resources.

  • Evaluate the use of system performance and monitoring process, tools & techniques to ensure that ICT facility continue to meet organizational business objectives.

  • Evaluate the process to ensure that inventories of hardware, software and information holdings are available and kept up to date and are reflected in or incorporated in configuration management database.

  • Evaluate that procedures and working practices for efficient and effective running of all tasks associated with operating and controlling installed hardware and software are developed and maintained.

  • Evaluate & assess the process of SLA – Service Level Agreements.

  • Evaluate and assess the process to define relevant standards and techniques and to overall policy, procedures and practices on matters such as security, health and safety, environmental controls, service facilities and media storage, etc.

  • Evaluate that all duties and responsibilities are discharged in accordance with health and safety policy.

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