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Off-the-shelf software can often get you up and running quickly with a small investment but the long term costs of lost effectiveness and having to limit your business to the capabilities of your software can be very high. When meeting 'some' of your needs is just not enough, Custom Software can do the things you need to do, the way you need to do them.

Custom Software Isn't For Everyone
If your business has a generic business model and doesn't do anything particularly unique compared to your competition, there may be an Off-The-Shelf software package that will meet most of your needs.

Increased Efficiency
Software and technology solutions specifically designed for your business can help your team to work smarter in an environment specifically suited for your needs.

Grow With Your Software
Your business isn't standing still and your Software and Technology Systems can't be either. As your business evolves you need a solution that will evolve with your business, growing and changing as you react to new challenges and opportunities.

We are not limited to any one technology or programming language. The software industry evolves quickly and we evolve with it. Our projects utilize but are not limited to:

ASP.Net, Classic ASP
Microsoft SQL
JQuery •
Crystal Reports

Data Ware House

Company has established of “Data ware house facility” which includes duplicate bill printing over the cloud for customers of all DISCOs. The facility of web hosting to all DISCOs and other PEPCO formations is also available; (, ,,,, , File transfer services (FTP), “Dedicated official email services” of DISCOs and PEPCO Management with respective domain name.

Emolyee Provident Fund System (EPF)

A centralized system for WAPDA/ PEPCO’s employee provident fund collection & reporting has been developed and is in place for more than two decades.

Customer Profile

The need to have online billing and collection data was being felt since long. Meter reading billing, collection and other information are available in DISCO’s field offices but in printed format. These reports are printed separately on monthly basis and to prepare individual customer’s historic data extra ordinary manual processing efforts are required. This manual data processing leads to compromise on data quality. A customer profile application has been developed and hosted as a service for the consumption of all DISCOs. This will not only facilitate the individual customer level information but will also ensure the correctness and completeness of the information. Following is the implementation plan for the application:

We also provide services in the following software domains:


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