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Customer care & billing (CC&B) system is one of the core application & service of PITC. This application provides software support to ten power distribution companies of Pakistan (DISCOs) for processing of electricity bills and cash collection of about 21.0 million consumers monthly at 25 data processing centers covering all Pakistan except KESC consumers. The Application includes following sub-systems:

  • Data Entry/validation/posting System.
  • Divisional level billing system.
  • Billing system for General Consumers.
  • Billing system for Industrial Consumers.
  • Department billing system.
  • Corporate billing system.
  • Bar-coded bill printing system.
  • Dead defaulter billing system.
  • Cash flow/collection system.
  • Re-routing system.
  • Surveillance system.
  • Employee billing system.
  • Tariff Differential Subsidies reporting system.

CIS (New Billing System)

PITC has undertaken a project to transform the legacy Billing module to the new generation of technologies. For this purpose MEPCO has been selected as pilot DISCO for the implementation. Parallel run of newly developed CIS has already been started successfully and for the billing cycle of July-2015 three (3) circles have gone live (approx.: 1.7) million customers. Some of the features of this new product are as follows:

a) Web based architecture

b) Uses state of the art technologies

c) Incorporated new user requirements in the context of corporate scenario

d) Industry standard RDBMS used

e) Maximum Reliance on organizational resources

f) Offers new opportunities to power sector organizations for more robust decision making Following is the plan to replicate the
    system in other DISCOs during 2015-16



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